I’m flawed but not broken,
And I’m scarred but I’ll heal.
I’m blissfully tortured, naked and real.

Close To The Edge - Mark Owen (via berrystruck)

Yo guys! Thank you all so much for sticking around with my blog; I am still very much a take that fan but it’s difficult finding time to blog regularly!
Please bare with me, my blog skills will be back soon:)
Lots of love x





Jason at the Richmond Tea Rooms, yesterday, 29/07/2013 in Manchester by laurakenttextiles on Instagram

Looking really good *nods* I like this haircut. It suits him

This new picture made my day. I love his new haircut and his outfit.
The ambiance of this Tea Room irritated me for a second. I was not immediately thinking of a Tea House with this curtain and cushion. **Blushes**
But now I only see Jason. 

I’m trying to figure out if that’s a smartphone in his hands…
It's now been a year since Take That has performed together at an event we could watch, and it'll be at least a year before it happens again. I miss them so much.
─ Anonymous

I feel your pain, I miss them so much. I feel like it’s just Gary and Mark at the moment, but I need all four/five of them together again!



imageimageimagesorry i just had to get that out there :P

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